Your host family Egarter in Sesto

Old roots, new spirit

It is a tribute and a reminder to those who lived before us and laid the foundation with their work. The story begins with great-grandpa Rudolf, who built the Rudlerhof in 1918. In 1946 the beverage shop was established and in 1976 another milestone was set: With the conversion of the stables into apartments, the Rudlerhof became the first house with holiday apartments in Sesto.

Because comfort standards are always changing, the Rudlerhof also wants to keep up with the times – a first conversion took place. In 2015, the Chalet Rudana was built as a complete all-wood house, and the grandparents Rudolf and Any were honoured in the naming.

In spring 2024, the Rudlerhof will undergo extensive renovation and a major remodelling. The result? A completely new living experience that offers both: comfort and luxury. Brand new amenities, including a relaxing sauna in every flat and high-quality furnishings to make a stay unforgettable.

As part of this renovation, not only the premises but also the identity will be refined, Rudlerhof will become Rudla.

Today we, the host family Egarter, welcome you to your holiday home Chalet Rudla & Rudana in Sesto!

A first meeting

Mama Agnes The good soul of the house

… has already experienced a lot with us four girls and could tell many a story. As an early riser, she is normally awake before everyone else and takes care of the bread roll service.

And what is more, she has a real talent for flowers. In spring and summer, she uses her green fingers to spruce up the garden and make it blossom in all its glory.


Papa Peter The number cruncher

… always has the numbers ready: Whether it’s annual figures or sales figures, he has no trouble putting it all together. You will find him not only at the Chalet Rudla, but also in the family’s beverage business.

In winter, Tatta Peter likes to play the superhero – as a reliable snow-clearing service.


Manuela The structured one

… lists are her speciality, organisation her hobby. Chaos is not part of her vocabulary, because organisation is the order of the day for Manuela. If you are going to do it, do it right.

She is married to Markus, who has saved our day many a time with his talent as a craftsman and his know-how in electronics.

Manuela is mother to little Marie, who sometimes makes quite a mess of her careful lists. But anything else would be boring.


Marion The Creative one

… always has countless ideas that never cease to amaze us. Her heart beats for everything that is creative: Be it decorating or crafting – she is our DIY queen. Baking is also one of her favourite hobbies.

Just when you think you can’t go on, a delicious piece of cake appears – which always sweetens our day. Yes, we know: Cake doesn’t solve problems, but neither does broccoli.

Petra and Anita

Petra & Anita When its wine time

… work in the vinotheque of our beverage shop. We are very happy about that, because everyone should have someone who “tops up” at the right moment.

So if you would like to enjoy a delicious wine, Petra and Anita will be happy to advise you.

Browsing through the guest book …

“There are so many little extra details apart from of it being a fantastic location and apartment with the nicest family as owners. The genuine warmth and sincere friendliness of Marion, her recommendations, advice and local knowledge were invaluable and the highlight for us.

The location is perfect. A one minute walk to the Helm cable car, a few minutes´ walk to the local pub, restaurants and small shops. We hardly used our rental car while there. Bus stop in front of Helm cable car. All walks easily accessible.”

– Laura J. (TripAdvisor)